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Follemente innamorati di Olinda Castielle

Olinda Castielle fa un elogio al proprio fondoschiena…. Come contraddirla!

Follemente innamorati di Olinda Castielle

Ci risiamo, mi sono innamorato di nuovo. È stato un colpo di fulmine, mi stavo addentrando nei bui meandri dei social network ed ecco che mi sono imbattuto nel fondoschiena di Olinda. L’ho visto, volevo dire l’ho vista, e ci sono ricascato! La bella svedese sa davvero come conquistare un uomo, e tra bollicine di bagnoschiuma e panna montata… mi ha fatto perdere la testa!

I always let the animal out when I have sex! Days can pass and nights blur together when I let go of everything. #sex #tantra

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Now let’s kick and kick some fucking ass bitches and stop complaining about shit #ass #instadaily #sexy

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Why are you pretending that you don’t love sex? #fit #ass #sexy

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I fucking love my ass and my body, don’t you? ❤️ #ass #fit #sexy

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Girls, sluts, women, ladies, bitches!!!! The 13% that have not already demonized or judged me to death, I love you. You represent a powerful but very strong minority out there that understand that the balance of humanity is more important then fake feminism. I am sick and tired of women either trying look like dead zombies in streets selling meaningless fashion or overweight “fit” wannabe Kim Kardashian clones that will do anything for 15 minutes of fame and money. So many women already seems to be clones as all their brain matter has been moved from their heads to their ass and tits. Don’t get me wrong, I love perky tits and asses, but if it does not come with a brain and heart, you are simply a waste of space. It makes me sad when almost every top IG girl including KIM use their millions of fans to sell products and nonsense. If you sell yourself to help or inspire humanity, I am all for it as we still live in the matrix, but to do nothing but treat people like empty stupid consumers and men like sex machines, I don’t feel sorry for all the complaining models and cam girls out there, you brought this on yourself and you can also get out. I get so many comments if this I me being able to write something like this, and besides being so ridiculous that a sexy beautiful girl could not write like this is crazy enough but don’t you think that your meaningless or lack of captions and life style has contributed so much to this. Stop selling shit and buy into the whole survival or status shit. You will be fine and trust your self and your heart. You don’t need a lot to be happy. The day A women like KIM K is not a pretend living God is the day we know we grew up and grew a heart, brain and balls #life #girls #power

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